This App goes along with the Swiss national card-game called "Jass". If you don't know what that is, I recommend to you: go and learn it! Its a really good game that needs a little bit of brain. Wikipedia explains it pretty good: But what can you do with this App? this App simply lets you count the points for both teams with the traditional look of the "Jass"-blackboard. For every one that doesn't know how to use the traditional Jass-blackboard, just try it out and you'll get it pretty fast. In addition it also supports the game "Coiffeur" which is nothing else than a type of "Jass", in which every team has to play all the different variations once. Do you want to play the game on the iPhone? SRF (swiss televison) has made an App: Samschtig-Jass
Check it out, this game is much much fun. ;)